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One Response to About

  1. Mike Gazdik says:


    I came across your blog while surfing through WordPress.com and I really enjoyed what you have to offer.

    I help run a sports blog that has recently moved off WordPress.com to become self-hosted on WordPress.org. We’re called The Farm Club (thefarmclub.net). We work as a collective of young, aspiring sports writers and enthusiasts that have come together to reach our goal of giving a spotlight to new writers and passionate fans. We’re looking for bloggers that have superior knowledge of certain sports and above all, have a love for their favorite team.

    In the effort of finding a localized voice for certain teams, I’ve come across your site where I can see you are an avid fan of the Colts and some New York teams. Would you be interested in contributing articles based on the knowledge that you have about one of those certain teams to our site? You would be the go-to guy for that certain team.

    Give it a thought and get back with me at mgazdik@thefarmclub.net.

    I appreciate your time and happy blogging!


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