Knicks-Pacers: Game 2 Pregame Thoughts

In a new post I wrote for The Farm Club, I look at tonight’s pivotal Knicks-Pacers game.

The Knicks-Pacers Eastern Conference semifinal is very clearly a matchup of strengths on one end of the court, and a battle of weaknesses on the other.

Sunday, in game one, while the Knicks marginally won the “battle of strengths”–their offense vs. Indiana’s defense–the game was determined thanks to Indiana thrashing the New York defense on the other end.

The Knicks scored just under a point per possession on Sunday. While this is 0.08 points lower than their season average (which is 3rd best in the NBA), it was also about 0.03 points more than the Pacers top-ranked defense allowed per possession (via ESPN).

The Knicks effective field goal percentage was 47.5% in game one, and again, while this was lower than their season average, it was also higher than what the Pacers ordinarily allow (via

The real problem for the Knicks was on defense, as Indiana scored 1.14 points per trip, which represented a staggering 0.12 PPP improvement over their season average (which was 19th in the NBA). It was even a terrible performance by the low standards of the Knicks mediocre defense, as they allowed about 0.10 PPP more than their season average (which tied-for 16th in the league)….

Click here to read the full article.

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