Quick Hits: UEFA’s Dumb Scheduling, Davis Needs Work

A compilation of thoughts/predictions that would otherwise be too short for their own posts.

  • Germany, arguably the best team in the world, doesn’t need any additional advantages ahead of its Euro 2012 semifinal against Italy. But, thanks to some poor scheduling on the part of UEFA, it has gotten one. Germany will have two extra days of rest ahead of Thursday’s clash against Italy. Germany dismantled Greece on Friday, while Italy advanced against England on penalties Sunday. This is no excuse if the underdog Italians lose, but nevertheless, it is unfair.

  • Kentucky’s Anthony Davis will, and probably should be the top pick in this Thursday’s NBA Draft. However, anyone who thinks he will have an immediate impact on both ends of the floor for New Orleans is probably in for a rude awakening. From a defensive and rebounding perspective, this immediate impact is certainly possible, but offensively, Davis appears to be a work in progress. He would do well to build on his 220 pound frame, and according to statistics from DraftExpress, his post-up game needs work. Davis, is of course incredibly talented and athletically gifted, so it would be no surprise if he one day grows into being a great player on both ends of the court. As for now though, prognostications that he will immediately be a force to reckoned with seem premature.
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