Tebow and the Jets…

The Tim Tebow saga just kept taking one bizarre turn after another. The mere fact the Jets were interested in the first place seemed strange. Then, of course, the trade went through (before first not going through, due to a hang up over contract language). Just when things couldn’t get stranger, reports surfaced that Tebow was actually given the choice to be traded to the Jets, or his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville would have been a much better fit. The Jags would have offered Tebow the chance to compete for a starting role, an adoring fanbase, and a relatively drama-free locker room. The Jets do not offer any of these things.

From the Jets perspective, the trade is questionable as well. For a team that did not need more distractions, they probably just added some more. It is a given that the second incumbent starter Mark Sanchez begins to struggle, fans will clamor for Tebow. Looking at things from a glass-half full point of view, perhaps this can push the inconsistent Sanchez to be better. That said, it is also entirely possible this could have a destabilizing effect.

Regardless of fan clamoring, Tebow was not brought in to be a starting quarterback. He was brought in to run in specialized wildcat packages. After bursting onto the sene in 2008, this brand of football has largely been shelved, marginalized by athletic defenses no longer caught off guard by it. While it is no sure thing that Tebow can reverse this trend, Rex Ryan and co. will hope their new acquisition’s skill set can breathe new life into the Wildcat. Tebow’s throwing has been deservedly criticized but it is also true that he is a better passer than the running backs and receivers that typically take the Wildcat’s direct snaps. Thus, if utilized effectively, the formation will no longer be a dead give away for a running play, keeping defenses honest.

Still, that is a best case scenario for the Jets and it is just as easy to see this experiment have negligible or even negative results.

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