Quick Super Bowl Recap

“Vince Lombardi is coming back to Green Bay,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said during the trophy presentation ceremony following the Packers’ 31-25 Super Bowl victory (now, please get back to work so we can get all this lockout garbage out of the way as soon as possible). Despite the early appearances of a blowout, the game turned out to be a relatively entertaining one throughout, as it would be the fourth straight Super Bowl that would not be decided until the final minute. Green Bay’s surprisingly inconsistent pass rush helped keep Pittsburgh in the game, although the three turnovers forced by the Packers defense went a long way in determining the outcome. As expected, game MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay passing game were able to move the ball against the Pittsburgh defense, overcoming a number of key drops by Packers receivers.

The Packers won their fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history, and also accomplished something few teams have been able to do: win soon after replacing a legendary quarterback. Rodgers led his team to a championship just three years after replacing future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. An achievement like this is rare, as it has been the norm in the NFL for those succeeding great quarterbacks to struggle. It is much more common to see the Brian Grieses and Marty Domreses of the world than the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young. I will look at this issue in more depth in my next post.

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